Registration, start and finish of marches

Social Centre (Společenské centrum) Brno-Bystrc, Odbojářská street 2, again. Public transportation: from the main railway station by the tram No. 1 (direction Ečerova) to the station Brno-Bystrc ZOO, than by foot about 600 m up the hill along the Odbojářská street.

GPS: 49°13.384' N, 16°31.787' E • Czech MapGoogle Map

Starting fee, service prices

Two day march KUDRNA GOES AROUND BRNO (appreciations IML + IVV)

Two-day march is including in serial IML (International Marching League) and IVV. For obtain an IML awards necessary to complete any route at least 20 km/day (walkers older than 70 years or children up to 10 years + adult accompaniment – at least 10 km/day).
Starting fee: 350 CZK per two days (Saturday + Sunday)
The price includes the payment for starting card, colour maps and descriptions of routes, drinks and sweet (tatranka) on routes, diploma, medal, stamps into IVV and IML cards, awards of march and free entry to the Social and Cultural evening with music (Saturday).

One day participation in march KUDRNA GOES AROUND BRNO (appreciation IVV)

One day march is including in serial IVV, random walks.
Price does not include medal, it is not possible or purchased.
You can register:
     for one „one-day march“ on Saturday or on Sunday
     for two „one-day march“ on Saturday and Sunday
This variant two „one-day march“ is cheaper than a two-day march, but you do not qualify to IML stamp and medal.

Starting fee: 40 CZK per every day.
The price includes the starting card, map and description of the route, drinks and sweet (tatranka) on routes, stamp into the IVV card and diploma. Without medal.

Obtain „Ten IVV Events in the Czech Republic“

On January 1st, 2017, the seventh annual tourist activity „Ten Events of IVV in the Czech Republic“ was announced for the years 2017–2019.
A tourist who during three years has completed ten selected events from the twelve mentioned (regardless of the length of the route or the means of transport) will receive a badge as a valuation. To register stamps, you must purchase a special card, its price is CZK 50. Non-member KČTs, as well as foreigners, may participate in this activity.
Czech rules 2017unfortunately, we do not have English version and a newer version in Czech


Discounts are available only for members of the KČT (Czech Tourist Club).

Saturday's FAMILY HIKING TRAIL – 6,5 km – „A march with a taste“ (free of charge)

The route goes through Komín to Medlánky Airport, where the childrens prepared a variety of interesting and funny games. Exhibition of aerodrome models at the airport.
Does not sign-up for this event in advance.
The starting card, map and description of the route, drinks on routes – for parents with childrens free.
In cooperation with KČT – odbor KTL Brno, Sokole Komín and gastrovylety.cz.

Sunday's WANDERING WITH BABY-CARRIAGE – 6–10 km (free of charge)

The trail leads through the Údolí oddechu to checkpoint at the Vrbovec pond, after completing the circuit back to checkpoint and back to Bystrc. The route goes down to 6 kilometers (return directly from the checkpoint). At the route through the valley is a playground for childrens with various attractions. Does not sign-up for this event in advance.
The starting card, map and description of the route, drinks on routes – for parents with childrens free.


The march goes on Friday afternoon. Finish at castle Špilberk.
Does not sign-up for this march in advance.
Starting fee: 20 CZK
Organizer of this march is Department KČT Kudrna. Details here

Possibility of winning a medal and stamps

March medal is granted only after completing a two-day march KUDRNA GOES AROUND BRNO with entry fees 350 CZK – the length of the march does not matter.

1) To obtain a stamp in their passport IML is necessary participation in the march on Saturday and on Sundays; every day march at least 20 km (participants older than 70 years or children up to 10 years + adult accompaniment – at least 10 km per day).

2) Get medal is possible also without competing in the IML. You must attend a two-day march (Saturday and Sunday) and pay the entry fee 350 CZK. In this case not required minimum length of the route.

3) Medal cannot be obtained by other means!!!

IVV stamp you get after completing every-day march (or Humorous Wheel Lubricating March). In addition to the IML stamp so you have to get three IVV stamps.

Other activities and and services

Breakfast (ordered in advance): 40 CZK (baguettes, tea, coffee).
Shops with maps, souvenirs and refreshment.
Accompanying Program


Walks will take place in all weather conditions. Each participant will walk at his or her own risk. We strongly recommend you to have your own travel insurance. For all participants accident insurance applies. Insurance arranged by KČT in cooperation with the Czech Olympic Committee with Kooperativa, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group
(www.kct.cz/cms/urazove-pojisteni-kct). We recommend you to have a medical check-up for long distance walks of as well.

All the IML and IVV walks use marking system according to the Czech law and guaranteed by KČT. It is important to pay special attention to this system. You can learn more about this subject on this web sites:


The registration is possible to be done by an on-line application form.

Registration for the walking for families with children (saturday and sunday 10 km trail) and Humorous Wheel-lubricating March in advance is not possible.

Possibly you can print and fulfill the application form from paper invitation and than you can send it to our address KČT, odbor Mapa Brno, Kamechy 14, CZ-63500 Brno, Czech Republic.

For applications posted after September 15th, 2019 we add amount 50 CZK (does not apply when you participate only on one-day march or actions for childern).
In case of cancelling your participation after September 15th, 2019 we will charge the penalty of 150 CZK (if you paid in advance).

Payment (possible only in Czech Crowns!)

Participants pay in cash in Brno at registration.

Payment possible only in cash in Czech Crowns! You can use exchange-offices in Brno city or ATM in Brno-Bystrc.

Payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard,...) or PayPal (and similar) is not possible.


Each participant must fill in his own application form. Please priority use an on-line application form on our web or copy the application form from this invitation if needed. Groups of 10 or more people can send a list of participants indicating the necessary data. The application form at Excel is possible to download from our web pages. Filled form please send to address application@iml-czech.com.

The payment  for more applicants (a group or a family) should be made together. In this case, the group leader should send all the applications together with the single common confirmation of payment. The leader of a group of 30 and more participants can take part of the rambles free of charge.


We provide only breakfast at the start. City of Brno-Bystrc has a number of restaurants, where you can eat. Other restaurants are located in town Brno.


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