27th year of the Humorous Wheel–lubricating March IVV

Green wandering of Brno in World Touring Event IML „Jede Kudrna kolem Brna“ and the European sports movement IVV

Friday, September 23th, 2022

Start: Social Centre Brno Bystrc (from 15:30 to 16:30)

Finish: castle Špilberk courtyard (from 17:30 to 20:00)

download this map (print quality) (jpg 2.3 MByte)

photo archive of Vilda Dvořák

Route 12 km (marked blue dart + papers): Bystrc – Údolí oddechu – Holedná – Jundrov – along river Svratka – Jurkovič villa – Rosnička – Wilson Forest – Observatory and Planetarium on Cow Hill (Mt. Bů) – panoramic swimming pool – Údolní street – Masaryk residental area – Úvoz – orthodox church of St. Václav – castle Špilberk, courtyard

Marked: blue dart + papers

Program: at Špilberk-Castle will be demonstrations the castle carillon (6 pm and 7 pm), stylish refreshments and possibly live captivating music.

Entry fee: 0 CZK

Reward: map, diploma, entertainment at Špilberk, start-, control-, finish- and IVV-stamp, knowledge of great but hidden corners of Brno, pleasant fatigue + PPZ (last rescue wafers).

Details on the website of the organizer of the march