The IML Walking Association

The IML Walking Association, until 2006 the International Marching League (IML), is a non-profit organization which promotes recreational walking in the form of international non-competitive multi-day walking events („marches“) in its member countries. The motto of the organization is Nos iungat ambulare („May walking bring us together“).

IML has its origins in the annual International Four Days Marches Nijmegen, Netherlands, organized by the Dutch KNBLO (now the KWBN). The success of this event and the increasing number of foreign walkers led, from the late 1960s, to the KNBLO helping to set up similar annual events in other countries. These include Hærvejsmarchen in Viborg, Denmark; Marche international de Diekirch in Diekirch, Luxembourg; the International Four Days Walks in Castlebar, Ireland; and the Two Days March of Bern, Switzerland. In 1977 the Japan Walking Association established the Japan Three Day March, the first annual non-competitive walking event outside Europe. In 1986 the multi-day walking event organizations of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland agreed to form the International Marching League, which was officially founded in 1987. Since then, membership has steadily increased, with the United Kingdom represented by the International Waendel Walk in Wellingborough since 1990, and new events organised in the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.
In 2006, the general meeting of the participating organizations decided to take the current IML Walking Association title.(Wikipedia)

Calendar IML

The following table contains the IML member states, the place and date of the march. Links to the march organizer's website can be found on the IML website

Update (September 2021)

The board of IML is very happy to announce that the Marbella 4Days Walking (NPO) / Spain has joined the IML family. Our best congratulations to the organisers of the Marbella 4days and we wish them every success.
The Marbella 4Days Walking is celebrating the 10th edition of its event this year (from 7th to 10th of October 2021). In Marbella this year you can get the IML stamp as well as the IML & IVV stamp. Marbella is an additional event in Spain and will contribute significantly to making IML walking even more attractive.

European Region



Arenzano (IT)


10. – 11. 9

Barcelona (ES)


15. – 16. 10

Bern (CH)


28. – 29. 5.

Blankenberge (BE)


30. 4. – 1. 5.

Borås (SE)

24. – 25. 4.

23. – 24. 4.

Brno (CZ)

25. – 26. 9.

24. – 25. 9.

Castlebar (IE)


30. 6. – 3. 7.

Diekirch (LU)


11. – 12. 6.

Fulda (DE)

2. – 3. 10.

1. – 2. 10.

Gilboa (IL)


1. – 2. 2.

Chantonnay (FR)


26. – 29. 5.

Kaunas (LT)

7. – 8. 8.

6. – 7. 8.

Marbella (ES)

7. – 10. 10.


Nijmegen (NL)


19. – 22. 7.

Seefeld (AT)

17. – 19. 9.

16. – 18. 9.

Vaasa (FI)


12. – 14. 8.

Verdalsora (NO)

28. – 29. 8.

27. – 28. 8.

Viborg (DK)


25. – 26. 6.

Wellingborough (UK)


14. – 15. 5.

Pan Pacific Region



Arlington (USA)

16. – 17. 10.

15. – 16. 10.

Beijing (CN)

11. – 12. 9.

10. – 11. 9.

Canberra (AU)

27. – 28. 3.

26. – 27. 3.

Dalian (CN)

15. – 16. 5.

14. – 15. 5.

Higashi-Matsuyama (JP)


4. – 6. 11.

Jogjakarta (ID)

10. – 21. 11.

19. – 20. 11.

Rotorua (NZ)

20. – 21. 3.

19. – 20. 3.

San Antonio (USA)


19. – 20. 2.

Taipei (TW)

13. – 14. 11.

12. – 13. 11.

Won-Ju (KR)


29. – 30. 10.

Yatsushiro City (JP)


13. – 15. 5.

Last update from September 10th, 2021, informations about cancelled events is from August 2nd, 2021.
Informations about cancelled events (Coronavirus COVID-19 disease outbreak) also on page

As you know, the coronavirus is spreading around the world, how it develops in different countries and what measures are being taken by, among others, the governments, is variable. This is different by country and by situation. If you want to travel to an IML event, we advise you to visit the website of the event in question in advance. We advise you also to check which travel advice has been issued for the country concerned.

Website of the Ministry of Health Czech Republic –

IML Walking Association activities

The IML Walking Association promotes a series of walking events in 29 countries, subdivided into the European Region (including Israel) and the Pan Pacific Region (including Canada and the USA). Normally, there is only one authorized IML event per member country, but a second can be accepted under certain conditions, in particular if it is held at a sufficient distance from the first and in a different topography. New member events can be admitted if they have been held for three years and offer routes over a minimum distance of 20 km per day. They are first accepted as a candidate event and then as a member event by the IML General Meeting. Some events have been discontinued in the meantime.

Walkers participating in IML affiliated events may buy a „passport“ in which successful participation is recorded, and may also obtain medals and certificates based upon the number of completed walks. Each walking event has a minimum duration of two days, with a minimum daily distance of 20 km to count towards IML awards. Disabled walkers and their compagnions are entitled to get IML awards. Walkers older than 70 years or children up to 10 years + adult accompaniment or disabled walkers as well as their compagnions must complete every day of the event at least 10 km. Most events also offer walks over shorter and longer distances.

In the tradition of the Four Days Marches of Nijmegen which started as a training event for the Dutch military, the IML events are also attended by military units.(Wikipedia)


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