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Bystrc is once from town part Brno, lies at his northwest margin. On wide land register of Bystrc, that the forms town part, finds several very interesting seats that the its meaning exceed limits region. Acts especially about recreation area Brno-dam, Zoology garden, Castle Veveří or land of "Pohádka máje", situated in the area Podkomorské woods.

Personal living development of Brno–Bystrc is compared to whole land register espressive smaller, from major parts is totalled sectional development, in which the lives almost 25.000 inhabitant, and Bystrc be as fifth biggest tingle town part. On the north side is development delimited mount Mniší hora and premises zoology garden, further flow river Svratka and expanse of water Brno-dam, behind western margin open out Podkomorské woods, behind southwest margin then lies urban neighbourhood Žebětín. On southern and southeasterly side is placed protected territory Pekárna and valley Údolí oddechu.

Brno-Bystrc Brno-Bystrc Brno-Bystrc
photo by Michael Stanovský

Bystrc development further classify into more units: Old Bystrc (Stará Bystrc), reminiscent original municipality spanning by the river Svratka, from which – swift – flow is derived and himself title Bystrc. Contiguous sectional development then forms so – called Bystrc I, latter part development approximately west from trace old motorway towards Žebětín give a name Bystrc II.

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