Agree to process the personal data of the event participant

IML / IVV Kudrna goes around Brno

Title: Kudrna goes around Brno
the date of the meeting: 28. 29. z 2019
event organizer: KT, odbor Mapa Brno, Kamechy 14, 635 00 Brno

v souladu s Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Paarliament and of the Council from April 27th, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (further is Regulation) *)

1. I agree that on the basis of Article 6, paragraph 1a) of Regulation the event organizer has processed my:
      a) name, surname,
      b) e-mail,
      c) KT membership number,
      d) photos and videos from the event

   for a purpose:
      a) event participant's record,
      b) sending information about the next years of this event,
      c) marketing (especially in promotional materials),
      d) presentations on the web,
      e) presentations on social networks,
      f) presentations in a chronicle, on a notice board, in an annual report and in other information materials.

2. I agree that my Personal Data will be processed and stored for the duration of the processing purpose **).

3. I agree that the organizer of the event handed over the Personal Data to the headquarters of the Club of Czech Tourists who will use them for the same purpose as the event organizer, if required.

4. I understand my law:
    - have access to your Personal Information (according to the Article 15 of Regulation),
    - require them to be repaired (according to the Article 16 of Regulation),
    - the deletion of personal data without undue delay, if there are reasons according to the Article 17 of Regulation, *)
    - restrictions on the processing of personal data according to the Article 18 of Regulation,
    - to the portability of data in the cases specified in the Article 20 of Regulation,
    - revoke this Agreement according Article 7, paragraph 3 of Regulation,
    - file a complaint according Article 77 of Regulation.

5. I declare that I have read the content of this agreement carefully. I understand and agree with him.

6. This required consent follows from Directive KT ORG 8/2018 Implementation of GDPR in KT approved V KT on: .............

*) The EU Regulation is freely available on the EU website
**) Some personal data (name, surname, e-mail, membership number or city, state) are combined with economic data on subscription fees, we can not delete them after the action, but we must register them records of min. 5 years without the consent of the participant - the purpose of the registration is determined by the Act on Accounting.

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